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Our Older Generations
C. Chester Mellick and Leola Fern Faulkner Courting 19th Century Style

Chester and Fern Mellick - Wedding Day March 14, 1914
Our Grandmother Viola Fern Faulkner and Jack Mellick's Mother-To-Be With Her 19th Century Family
It is easy to pick out Fern. She was pretty, vivacious, peppy, cutie-pie AND very intelligent!  Obviously Grandpa had an eye for the cute ones. Thank you Grandpa for a great gene mix! It is never too late to say "thank you" to the ones you loved. This picture shows Fern, Lester, Stella and John W. Faulkner. There is that "W" in the middle. Sister Stella married into money I think.
Three Mellick Generations
This fantastic photo shows the two mothers in the back row. The one on the left is Fern's maw. Richard states, "She use to live down the road a mile or two going towards Shenandoah on the left side on a bit of a rise. One day Grandpa and I found her on her living room floor. She had had a stroke. She died that day or next. It was my first experience".
Clan Gathering at Grandparent's Farm: Fern, Uncle John, Richard, David, Aunt Flo Collett, Rev. Robert Collett and in the Back: Wilma Mellick, Chester and Jimmie D. Mellick
Chester and Fern Mellick
Chester and Fern Mellick Farm - Shenandoah, Ohio
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